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Palma - Pedro A.

Chile Director

Pedro's family serving in Chile

Pedro A. Palma

Chile Director

 Pedro A. Palma & Family Serving in country of Chile

City / State of residence Isla de Maipo, Santiago

Saved in: February 22th, 1989

Started with Amazing Grace Mission? 2022

Sending church: Iglesia Bautista Monte de Dios

Contact Info: Email to: Cell: +56966271718

 Education: MA in Biblical Studies – Louisiana Baptist University PhD in Biblical Studies – Louisiana Baptist University


Pedro A. Palma (AGM's Chile Director) has served in God's work since 1993 in the areas of teaching, preaching, evangelism, discipleship, counseling, and missions, having the opportunity to work in Chile, Argentina and the Peruvian Jungle and with the Logos Seminary ministry with students in USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile.

Life verse: 1 John 3:2

Missionary verse: Ephesians 1:19