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Adesoye - Thomas (Africa)

Thomas & Tari Adesoye Nigeria, Africa Thomas Adesoye is the Nigerian Director for AGM, West Africa.

Church: Grace Independent Baptist Church

State: Adwa Ibom State

Contact Information:



Box 2869

Uyo, Adwa Ibom State

Nigeria, West Africa

Easter Update 2022

Happy Easter and Thank you very much for your prayers and support to our Ministry.

We thank everyone of you for partnering with us to reach the lost Souls for Christ in Nigeria.

 The Enugu Trade Fair was successful and we had total number of 66 profession of faith in 7 days.

The following week I went to Abakaliki Ebonyi State to do the work of AGM with Pastor Sam Okezie at Abakaliki International Market.

 11 people of his family and Church members were with me. His Church Amazing Grace Independent Baptist Church is a year and 6 months old. 

Total number of 287 people professed their Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ at our 5days program.

Many wonderful testimonies among were 6 Men drinking alcohol near to our stand one of the workers went to give them Bible Tracts and one them said you can't just go, tell us what you people are doing and what is in this Tracts, you gave to us. 

 She shared the Gospel of Christ with them and they all bowed and accepted Christ.

 Everyone of them contributed some money and gave the worker promising to visit the Church.

Also one of the workers witnessed to a crippled man who managed to come and see "Three things God can not do". 

He got saved, came back later and called the worker to come and talk to another crippled Lady, that can not come to our stand. 

What a Joy to shared the Gospel of Christ at Abakaliki International Market.

Everyday for 5 days I have between 10&11 people going with me to share the Gospel of Christ.

I returned back to Uyo to join my family to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile our Church Amazing Grace Baptist Church Oron is marking her 1st year Anniversary this month of April.

 My wife and I will be driving down to celebrate and for me to preach for Anniversary the last Sunday of this month. 

 Pray for safety as we travel and many salvation record.

We are grateful to everyone of you who are praying for us and supporting us as we serve the Lord.

 May the Lord continue to keep and bless you as we serve Him together.

Area of Prayers.

1. Pray for our health my wife and I.

2. Pray for many Souls to be saved in the forth coming Anniversary.

3. Pray for provision to buy land for Oron Church. No solution to the land donated to us.

4. Pray as our  🚗 car is giving us some issues.

5. Pray as we are planning to have AGM conference in Nigeria by August.

Thank you very much for your prayers and faithfulness in supporting the Lord's work. 

May the Lord continue to bless you richly.