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Frequently Ask Questions Regarding Soul Winning - Evangelism

Everything you want to know about serving with AGM in a soul winning capacity.

What We Do & Who We Are

How does AGM do soul winning - evangelism at Fairs, Festivals, and/or Public Events around the world?

We use a booth with props to attract people to our booth, and then engage them in conversation about their spiritual condition. If the person(s) are interested discussing any further (many are), then we will usually sit with them in the booth and show them from a KJV bible God's plan for men/women to realize everlasting life.

Who can become an AGM/FFCI missionary?

Anyone who meets the criteria set forth by the Board of Amazing Grace Mission:

·         Personal Testimony - A written testimony of your personal salvation experience.

·         Letter from your pastor- A letter of recommendation from your Pastor.  This letter simple should state that you are spiritually ready for soul winning with AGM.

·         Fill out a personal data form - It’s called an “in case of emergency” form, so we can contact you and any of your important relatives in case of some type of trouble.

·         Read and sign our Policies and Procedures form - These are the rules governing working in an AGM booth.  You must know and enforce these rules.

·         Read and sign our doctrinal statement - You are expected to abide with our non-ecumenical, non-charismatic, King James Bible stand.

·         Meet with the Board of Directors - (or any appointed board) for a personal meeting and final approval of the board. (This is done usually at our annual meetings.)

Can I work at a soul winning booth without approval of the Board?

Yes.  You can “assist” our missionaries in soul winning at any fair or festival you are able to schedule.  You will need to contact the Fair Scheduling Coordinator at the office or a fair manager you may know and schedule an event.  You will need to read and sign our Policies and Procedures form, agreeing to abide by all our rules and regulations prior working the fair (all fair managers have the forms).  Many people who are considering the ministry like to “try out” a fair or several fairs during their prayerful consideration before joining AGM.  You are welcome to work with our missionaries anywhere as long as you abide by the rules of the mission.

How can I know God is calling me into this evangelism - soul winning ministry?

That is a question only you will be able to answer.  A few questions you might want ask yourself is:  How did God speak to you regarding AGM?  Are you responding to an emotional event or a real call of God?  Are there circumstances in your life that have influenced your judgement?  Have you sought God’s will in the matter in His Word?  Have you sought God’s will in prayer?  Have you discussed the “call” with your pastor or sought the counsel of godly men?  Have you “bathed” the matter in prayer over an extended period of time (three months or more)?  Do you have scripture that has spoken to you regarding the call?  Once you begin your ministry there will be times when you may question your decision, but if God has really spoken to you, and you have scripture to stand on as a foundation of your call, those doubts will only be fleeting moments, and you can go back to the promise God spoke to you in His Word. “He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God; And being fully persuaded that, what he had promised, he was able also to perform.”(Rom 4:20-21) And “Every word of God is pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him” (Proverbs 30:5)

If God has spoken and called you, then you are faced with a choice: obey or not obey, go or not go.  One verse God spoke to Joshua when he was chosen by God to go and possess the land God had promised. “Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest”(Joshua 1:9). But, in the verse before this (Joshua 1:8) God gives Joshua a conditional statement:  that Joshua can be assured of success and his way may prosperous by: “This book of the Law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success. Therefore, the conclusion one can make from these profound scriptures is: if a person will saturate himself/herself in the word of God; God will direct your ministry to success.  If you have been saturating yourself in the Word of God, and you still aren’t sure, the scriptures tell us to ask for wisdom: If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and unbraideth not; and it shall be given him” (James 1:5).

Ultimately, the decision to follow God’s calling comes down toFAITH!  “But without faith it is impossible to please Him..(Hebrews 11:6a).  Did you see that? IMPOSSIBLE!  This scripture tells us it is impossible to please Him without faith.  Faith requires we do something we cannot do or understand, which would lead one to think that God is not going to call you to do something you can completely understand how it’s all going work out. In reality, most of the time God does not direct us to do something we can do, that would not require faith and we could claim the glory. Oswald Chambers expresses it like this:“If you are able to tell exactly where you were when you received the call of God and can explain all about it, I question whether you have truly been called.  The call of God does not come like that; it is much more supernatural.  The realization of the call in a person’s life may come as a clap of thunder or it may dawn gradually.  But however quickly or slowly this awareness comes, it is always accompanied with an undercurrent of the supernatural - something that is inexpressible and produces a “glow.”  At any moment the sudden awareness of this incalculable, supernatural, surprising call that has taken hold of your life may break through - “I have chosen you…(John 15:16).”

How am I supported?

As missionaries, we are God supported.  Each individual missionary/couple is responsible for their own living and travel expenses.  You may want to step out in faith and trust God for all your needs; or go out on deputation to raise support in advance.  Either way, faith is required, which we all know God blesses.  Where God guides, He provides.   “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.” (2 Cor. 9:8)

For the women – how hard is it to adjust to a “life on the road” in a motorhome or trailer?

If you are led of God to serve in AGM, then your life on the road is in obedience to Him.  It’s not always easy, sometimes challenging, but always an adventure!  God will prepare you for the lifestyle and bless you immensely for your obedience.  Most of us find it a simple, cozy, free way of life.  Travel homes are so well equipped, you seldom lack for anything, although kitchen counter space and storage areas are sometimes minimal.  However, you will quickly adjust and learn we can live very comfortably with a lot less.  You don’t need 5 different Pyrex dishes, 1 or 2 will do just fine and so on… You have the means of seeing the country, meeting wonderful Christian brothers and sisters, traveling to family when you desire, serve the Lord and be a part of hundreds and thousands accepting Him as Saviour.   What could be better!!!  It’s not what you give up, it’s what you gain by serving and obeying God’s leading.  (Deut 28:2)   “And all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God.”

After I am accepted as a missionary with AGM/FFCI, what are the basic materials needed if I have to setup a booth.

Most all missionaries are asked to be equipped to setup up a booth if necessary.  Even if you plan to work with others, there may arise a special need.  If God so directs, you will need the following for a basic booth set up.  Some is provided by AGM and the rest you will need to purchase or borrow.

·         Three door unit – provided by AGM

·         Smiley tracts, decision cards, Bible-club cards & Birth cert. – provided by AGM

·         “AGM Booth Instruction” document for non-missionaries – provided by AGM.

·         AGM  Banner/s – provided by AGM (need bungee cords or tie-straps for hanging)

·         6 ft. Table for booth front with red table cloth (4 yds. of red 72” wide, washable felt sold at JoAnn’s Fabrics works well.)

·         6-8 folding chairs and (2) optional card tables

·         Storage containers for tracts and ministry supplies

·         Writing pens & small clip boards if not using card tables

·         There are other items which are often used, such as a tent (optional - don't buy a tent until you have to), table lights, clamp on lamps for illuminating a tent at night, pencil cups, trash can, first aid kit, basic tools (hammer, screw driver, pliers, tie straps, bungee cords etc.). Not all of these are essential; once you have gained a little experience you will discover what items you find important to you.

·         Approximate cost for all the items listed above (not provided by AGM) is about $200-$250. A tent (optional) can be purchased at a Sam's Club for approximately $175.

Where do I get the “set-up” (3 door unit, tracts, and other materials etc.) needed to conduct a fair?

The Amazing Grace Mission office will mail/ship them to your requested destination.  The “Fair Manager” must make a request for tracts (smiley tracts, and other printed AGM tracts) weeks in advance of an event (preferably a month in advance) to ensure enough tracts are available for the fair. If you desire to use tracts not provided by AGM, you will have to purchase them yourself (please refer to the Training Manual regarding types of tracts we should and should not use – all tracts must be King James scripture tracts).  Items not provided by the mission (as listed above) can be bought at various places, but one favorite is Wal-Mart and “Dollar” type stores, which have discounted prices.  Various “specialty” items may be purchased at an office supply store such as Office Depot or Staples, etc. Much will depend on your personal preference for some of these items. 

Will someone train me in “market place” ministry?

Yes!  During the AGM conference every year we have training sessions to help “new” and “experienced” missionaries with methods used in market place soul winning.  New missionaries should receive a Training Manual with all of the procedures, methods, and regulations utilized by AGM workers.  It is important that you read through this manual thoroughly.  Part of the requirements of working at a booth is that you agree to follow the procedures and regulations outlined in this manual.  AGM’s ability to continue to work in fairs, festivals and farm shows in the future may very well depend on how we have followed these rules and procedures.  Available also, are several videos which demonstrate how we work at the fair.  When you are ready to work an event, you should notify the AGM office staff or the Fair Scheduling Coordinator.  They will direct you to an event where experienced AGM missionaries are working.  Once it is decided where you will go, the office will supply you with the phone numbers and information needed to contact the senior missionary. He will then direct you to where and when you should come.  You will then have the opportunity to be trained “on the job.”  Working in the fair booth is where you gain the most confidence, knowledge and experience.  Although, it is helpful to be as prepared as possible. (For example:  Be very familiar with salvation scriptures, familiar with your personal Bible, which can be used if you prefer as long as it’s a KJV).  Fair managers usually have “booth Bibles” which are “highlighted” with preferred salvation scriptures which can be used by anyone.  Senior missionaries have great insight on methods and situations encountered at an event, please listen and watch them, you can learn much.

How should I get started working an actual fair?

If you are an AGM Missionary, just call the office and they will direct you.  If you are not an AGM Missionary, but desire to “try it out somewhere,” again, call the office and the staff will direct you to an AGM missionary in your area with whom you could work.  It is very typical for people “seeking God’s direction” in this ministry to help at some fairs as they seek a decision about God’s leading in the mission.  Please don’t hesitate to call, and let us help you get started.  You never know what God might do.

Am I “assigned” a fair schedule?

No…You and the Lord are in control of your schedule. In January of each year the office staff will ask us to make a fair schedule for the year.  It’s not written in stone, just a starting point.  Once the staff has an opportunity to discern everyone’s schedules they can determine weak spots and needs.  If you want to travel to a certain part of the country then you would want to schedule fairs in that area and so on…Often missionaries like to work the region they are from.  That’s fine too!  There are great needs everywhere and the more workers we have the more fairs we can do, ultimately reaching more lost people. The Scheduling Coordinator may call and ask you to redirect for specific needs and it is your option to either accept or decline based on your prayerful consideration.  Some missionaries keep the same fair schedule year after year, and others flex and change from year to year.  It’s up to you.  If it’s your first year serving, it is wise to hook up with an experienced missionary who is managing fairs and gain experience and confidence under their tutelage. In this case, their schedule becomes your schedule.

Do I have to travel to be a part of AGM/FFCI?

No, but if you do God will take you on an incredible adventure as you see different parts of the country, and experience the very diverse culture we have here in the USA.  The mission field in America is as great as anywhere in the world.  However, if traveling is not possible, you can work your local fairs, festivals, farm shows, and flea markets.  Flea markets or Jockey Lots, as some call them; have become an exciting method of spreading the gospel right where you live.  One church, Liberty Baptist Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, has been doing a flea market ministry patterned after the methods of AGM for 10years.  They have seen more than a thousand people profess Christ as Saviour, and given out millions of tracts.  So, the truth is, you can participate in market place ministry anywhere.  You just need a “heart for souls.”  If you or your church would like to start up a local ministry like this, please contact us, we will train and help you get going.

Do I need a prayer letter?

A prayer letter or newsletter is our way of communicating with our supporters, loved ones, sisters and brothers in Christ, churches and Pastors.  Writing a prayer/newsletter is not a rule, but is certainly encouraged.  Bragging on what the Lord is doing and sharing with others the blessings of the fair ministry is a joy.  The letter allows others to rejoice with you, pray for you, encourages them, and so on… The office staff will process and mail your written copy to your mailing list if you desire or you may choose to do it yourself. Monthly, quarterly, semiannual, but at the very least yearly should be the goal.

Do I need a “Display Board?”

If you are going to be presenting the ministry, speaking in churches or attending Mission Conferences it will be helpful to have a “display board.”  However, if you are going to have one, it needs to be a good one.  Your display not only represents you, but also Amazing Grace Mission, and every missionary of AGM.  The Office staff would be happy to direct you to someone to help you with “ideas” and “how to’s” for your “display board” if you determine it’s needed.

Do I need a Motorhome, 5th Wheel, or Trailer?

Not always, but it helps immensely if you are “fulltime.”  Some missionaries depend on prophets chambers or a fellow Christian’s home in the fair city for living quarters.  These are not always available and obviously can restrict where, or how many fairs you may be able to work.  You may elect to stay with friends, relatives or motels.  However, motels can be costly.  If you are considering part-time service, these options may be viable.  However, for full-time missionaries it is desirable to have a travel-home.  Which one?  The decision to get a motorhome, 5th wheel, trailer, Class C camper, or travel van is a personal choice, based on your needs and financial circumstances.  The cost of the different types of travel homes is varied and the $ range within each style is huge.  There are pros and cons to each type of unit.  AGM missionaries use each style described and they are all sufficient and provide a cozy home on the road. Note: considering the statement above:  don’t let your lack of a motorhome, travel trailer, or 5th wheel, etc., keep you from fair ministry.  If God has called you into this ministry, HE will make a way for you to get to events and a place to stay while there.  So, come on!

Can you give me help on how to select a motorhome, trailer, or 5th Wheel, etc.?

Because many of us have one of these rigs, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience available.  We can share with you the pros and cons, styles, brands, dealers, tips of what to look for, what’s helpful for everyday living etc.  The ultimate decision is yours and is determined by your needs and finances.

Is there a way to know that I am getting a good deal on a motorhome, trailer, 5th wheel, etc.?

If someone gives you a motorhome, trailer, or 5th wheel then you have gotten a really good deal! Praise the Lord!  This has happened as is certainly within God’s power to provide in this manner if He so wills.  So, you should let your church and Pastor know God is directing you into this ministry, and ask people to pray about your need for a travel vehicle.  People have been known to “give” rigs when they know there is a need.  However, God may not choose to provide this way in your situation, so you will need to research buying a unit.  You can get good deals, but you have to be willing to work at it.  Research, research, research!!  In order to be confident of a good deal, then you must know what the “market” bares on these vehicles.  Start buying RV Trader magazines which list RVs, trailers, and 5th wheels.  Check RV Trader Online to help with your research.  Learn about the different units available and what prices people are asking for them.  Call many of the listed classifieds, talking to the owners, finding out as much info as possible.  If they have already sold their unit, inquire how much they sold it for.  After some research you will get a feel for an appropriate price range for certain RV’s etc.  Don’t hesitate to look at and drive some.  Visit RV dealerships and begin looking at everything. This can be overwhelming, so take your time and consider all options.   Talk to people that have owned RVs, get their opinions on the different models.  Go to RV shows.  Take your time and research the market.   If you are not very familiar with RV’s it would be very unusual for you to the find the best deal on the very first RV you look at.  Sometimes people are too quick to make a decision when they are not very informed about what is available and what the appropriate prices should be.  Never buy for the asking price!  You might want to “negotiate” with a dealer on a rig or two and see how low they will go.  You can do the same with a private owner.  When negotiating with dealers, you can usually reduce the asking price by 20% to 30% or more without much trouble. The discount will vary depending on the retail price of unit, new verses used etc.  There’s more negotiating room on new higher end units, than used or lower end rigs. Sometimes private owners are upside down (meaning, they owe more than the unit is worth), trying to sell for what is owed with minimal if any profit can equate to a larger price than the market bares.  This is why the research is needed.  You have to be aware of the market value of the unit you’re interested in if you want a good deal.  Owners may have personal situations that make them very motivated to sell, so great deals can be found.  The answer to the question is – you can be confident of getting a “fair” deal when you have researched the market and know the price you have paid is reasonable based on the research you have done.  It will be worth your time when you discover you have saved thousands of dollars over what you would have paid if you had made a quick and emotional decision. 

What about daily transportation when I get to my destination?

We definitely need transportation while at a fair, unless you are parking on the fair grounds which rarely happens due to the cost.  Most missionaries have a vehicle either to pull their 5th wheel or trailer or to be pulled behind their motorhome.  While working a fair, you will have grocery and everyday living needs that will require a vehicle.  Once we are at a church yard, we disconnect and set up, and leave the car/truck disconnected until it’s time to move on.

Can you give me help on insurance for my travel vehicle?

Sure!  There are several ways to go about insuring your travel vehicle.  It’s possible that the company you currently use to insure your cars can be utilized, but they usually don’t give the best prices.  Agents or companies that specialize in RV type vehicles usually have the best prices, and have options (like replacement value) that the other companies don’t have.  The premium you pay will sometimes depend on whether you are a “full timer” or someone who is not living in the RV all the time.  Full timer policies usually give better coverage for a minimal difference in the premium paid and it is possible to get full timer coverage without really being a full timer.  Well, did we confuse you there?  The reason it is important to know is that paying a “minimal” difference in the yearly premium won’t mean much compared to the difference it could make if you have to collect on a major problem or a “total” of your RV.  Check some of the RV magazines for advertisements regarding RV insurance, ask other RVers, go to RV shows, and ask RV dealers, but make sure you shop around for prices and coverage, don’t just take what the dealer recommends.

Where can I stay if the fair is not within driving distance of my home?

Some missionaries depend on prophet's chamber or a fellow Christian’s home in the fair city for living quarters.  These are not always available and obviously can restrict where, or how many fairs you may be able to work.  You may elect to stay with friends, relatives or motels.  However, the latter can be costly. Missionaries with RV type vehicles usually stay at a local church in the area of the fair.

When traveling between fairs or events, is there some place to stay other than campgrounds?

While traveling there are several options for stopping for the night.  Wal-mart parking lots, Cracker Barrel Restaurant parking lots, Flying J & other truck stops are gracious enough to allow free parking and works well for just a night’s sleep.  If you utilize one of these “free” methods of parking “overnight” please make sure it’s “overnight” and don’t “camp out” at these locations.  If RVers abuse these gracious hosts by using their lots as a campground we will soon find out they have restricted us from parking, so use common sense and courtesy and move on after your night of parking.  If you have more time and would like to stop at a private or state/national park you will need to stop earlier and be prepared for a camping fee which will usually range between $15-$30 dollars per night. State Parks or National Parks usually have a more natural setting, with God made amenities and are less expensive, but don’t the have all the man-made amenities of private parks such as: dumps, electricity on every site, cable hookup, etc.  You can purchase a Campground Directory at RV stores or book stores which lists all the campgrounds around the country.  You can also access most types of campgrounds on the internet.

Also, keep in mind that the AGM Headquarters in Dayton, TN, and the AGM property in Seffner, FL, have facilities for campers (hook-ups) which can be used by AGM missionaries while traveling or between fair dates. 

Are there costs for working a fair?

Sometimes…. While working a fair, we will almost always park at a church yard, so there are no camping fees.  However, sometimes a fair will charge for car parking.  Also there may not be enough vendor passes to cover all the AGM workers, in which case you will need to buy entrance tickets.  If more fair passes are needed, most fairs offer cost breaks for buying passes for vendors.  This situation happens from time to time, and should be expected on occasion.  The fair manager should be able to prepare you for this situation.  Most fairs offer parking areas for RVs on the fair grounds for a fee and on rare occasions you may elect to stay on the fair ground.

How will I get my mail?

There are several ways to handle your mail.  You may elect to have your mailing address changed to the AGM Headquarters address in Dayton, TN.  If you choose to have your mail sent to Headquarters, then you will need to call the office and request your mail to be forwarded to your current location.  You will need to periodically provide some funds to AGM for the mailing expenses.  Another method for handling your mail is to have your mail sent to a relative who will forward the mail to you.  Also there are “mail forwarding” services which can be employed to collect your mail and send it to you at a requested location.  If you are not concerned about your mail, you may want to have the Post Office put a “hold” on your mail until you return.

How do I keep track of and pay my bills when traveling?

There are many methods to handle bill paying while on the road.  You may have someone (relative, accountant, etc.) keep track of and pay your bills for you.  However, most people probably choose one of several other methods because they like to be “in control” of their personal business.  If you are traveling, it is difficult to arrange for your mail to keep up with you in time for receiving the bill and then paying it before it is delinquent.  Therefore, most people keep track of their bills and the payment of them either by phone or by internet.  If you know the “due date” on all your bills, it is easy enough to call for the payment, and then simply mail it in.  You can also track almost all your bills “online” and even have email notification of bills due and payment information sent to you via email. 

Most banking institutions now offer “online” bill payment service with their checking accounts.  This is probably the “preferred” method as you can arrange payments months in advance and the payments are made without the need for your constant attention.

You may elect to have a credit card make automated payments for many of your bills and then you make just one monthly payment to your credit card company.  As you can see there are several different methods to insure your bills are paid on time, it just a matter of determining which method fits you best.

How will I stay in contact with people while traveling?

If you are doing a lot of traveling it will be extremely helpful to have a cellular phone to stay in contact with people and vice versa. A cellular phone is also a “safety” issue.  It will give you the ability (most of the time) to call for help if you break down, or have some other emergency. Email is also an effective way to communicate with people all around the world through the internet.  You may not always have access to internet, but you can usually find somewhere to sign “online” to check your email.  Most churches where you stay will have no problem allowing you access to their internet for you to access your email or pay your bills online, etc., if you will ask.  Most libraries in the country have internet access for public use.

How do I know which cell phone or internet service will work best for me?

Good question.  Choosing which cellular service to use is almost as difficult as choosing a motorhome!  There are many different plans available, and you will have to research to determine which one will work best for you.  It may depend on what part of the country you intend to work, what your time usage needs are, what your budget is and many, many more factors.  The cellular phone plans offered by a number of “reliable” companies are constantly changing, therefore it’s hard to tell from week to week which one is offering the “best deal,” and the “best deal” may not work for you.  Research and consider all the issues and prices, then go for it!

Regarding the internet, the same is true as with the cellular service, but the biggest problem will be “phone line access” when outside of large metropolitan areas.  Now, if you have about $3000. to spend on internet access you can have an Internet Satellite installed on your RV with a sizeable monthly fee (the problem is most missionaries do not have these kinds of funds to spend).  So again, you will need to research and choose what’s best for you.  There are several free internet services for accessing you email, etc.  All AGM missionaries are offered a “free” email address which can be accessed from anywhere you are able to get internet access.  As stated in an earlier answer, internet access can be obtained at most libraries in the country.  Also, there are locations were you can access the internet by a wireless network which are provided by businesses specifically as a service for the frequent traveler.  All you need for your lab top computer is a “wireless network adapter.” All you need then:  is to find a location and you’re online!  This method is truly free as you don’t pay for access to the internet via an internet service provider.

Can I have TV on the road?

Yes.  Most RVs come equipped with a TV antenna, which can be used for local programming in the area where you are parked.  Your RV may come equipped with a satellite dish to be used for programming provided by satellite companies.  This option will require a monthly fee.

How do I get my prescriptions while traveling?

Getting prescriptions may depend on insurance coverage or the lack of insurance coverage.  If you have no insurance coverage there may be programs (considering your age) where you can purchase your prescriptions at a reduced rate and of course there are many discount pharmacies, both physical stores and online stores.  If you have insurance then you must check your medical policy to determine when, where, and how you can get your prescriptions.  Some polices encourage customers to obtain their prescriptions by mail, and will often allow for an extra discount for doing so.  Most medical policies will allow you a choice of pharmacies where you can purchase your prescriptions with a co-payment required.  Some polices restrict the policy holder to a certain geographic area of the country, which is why purchasing your prescription drugs by mail is probably the best choice, even if you have to have them forwarded to you.  If you get your prescriptions by mail you will need to order before you need them, usually allowing about a ten day “buffer” to insure you get them when you need them.  In reality, getting your prescriptions is no problem and not much different than when you are at “home

How to deal with doctor’s appointments while traveling?

Doctor appointments are very much like dealing with your prescription drug needs, it may depend on your insurance policy.  Some policies restrict you to a geographic area which would mean your doctor “appointments” would need to be scheduled while you’re in your “home area.” Of course, if you are having an emergency, you should call an ambulance or respond to the closest hospital for immediate treatment.  Most policies which restrict you to a “home area” will cover a real emergency situation even if your outside your home coverage area.  Check your policy to determine which “emergencies” are covered outside you coverage area.  Usually things like a severe soar throat, flu, and other such medical problems are not covered.  If you are in serious trouble, you need to go to the hospital and worry about the coverage later, but it’s important to know what is covered so you don’t experience a real surprise when the hospital bill comes to you.

Where are the best places to get fuel or LP?

There are many places to get fuel or LP gas, but they may not be at the same place.  Several “fuel stations” cater to RVers and will have gas, diesel, and LP gas at the same location, but most places won’t have all three together.  You will need to learn which “fueling stops” have convenience and price for your RV needs. Many RVer use the “Flying J” fuel stations because they cater to RVers with all the types of fuel needed, and also have a “dump” for dumping your black and gray water.  One thing you might want to note: Flying J is owned by the Mormon Church.  In reality there are not many fueling stations that cater to RVers which means often times you will need to get your fuel needs at different locations.  Refueling LP can sometimes be a problem and you will need to always be conscious of your LP fuel levels, and note locations which refill the tanks.  If you have a motorhome, you will need to be more aware than those owning trailers or 5th wheels, because you cannot remove your LP tank and take it somewhere to be refilled.  It’s no fun to get parked and “all setup” in your motorhome and then realize you’re out of LP fuel.

Where can I “dump” black water and/or gray water while traveling?

As stated above the Fly J fuel station has dump facilities which are free.  Some Rest Stops along the Inter-State Highway system have dump stations.  State campgrounds have dump sites which are free, along with private campgrounds.  Private campgrounds may charge for dumping if you are not staying at their site.  Some churches where you may park have dumps.  The Amazing Grace properties in Tennessee and Florida have dump facilities.  There are publications, and maps, and mapping software which will sometimes list dump stations.  You will need to plan your “dumps” to insure you don’t have problems.

How hard is it to prepare meals on the road?

Most rigs are equipped with a gas stove and microwave.  Some will have a gas oven and a micro/convection combo.  They all work very well and are just fine for basic cooking.  Many of us use our crock pots and outdoor grills to supplement.  You will want to equip your kitchen with all your favorite utensils, pans etc.  There will be room for all your basic needs and then some. While we are actually moving on the road, the use of rest stops, truck stops etc. become the meal destination.  Just pull off, fix your meal, eat and go.  In motorhomes, you can actually fix a sandwich, get drinks, pop popcorn and keep rolling the whole time.  Of course you can always stop at a restaurant that has parking space available for your rig.

Concerning working a fair as a helper or an AGM missionary - are there soul winning rules we must follow?

Yes, we have specific rules we must follow and you must sign an "agreement form" stating your willingness to follow AGM rules as well as fair rules.

What happens to new believers after they have accepted Christ as Saviour?

New believers complete a “decision card” with name, address, and a testimony of “what just happened.” These decision cards are given to local Baptist Churches for follow-up. We cannot guarantee what type of follow-up is done, but we do make recommendations to the churches on the best techniques. We also give the new believer several booklets of information to help them in their new position as a child of God with recommendations regarding what they should do next. We also offer Free Bible Club lessons from our mission to help them grow. We attempt to provide as many "helps" as possible through our website. Next we pray for them that the Holy Spirit will guide them to the church He has prepared for them.