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Soul Winning - What We Do

Market Place Evangelism and Soul Winning from the Bible on an individual basis.

We setup a soul winning booth at fairs, festivals, flea markets, street markets, and other public events. We are staffed by AGM missionaries and/or church help from a local Independent Baptist churches. The booth will be setup with "props" which attract people to us. The workers use soul winning techniques, proven over many years, and soul winning tools to engage people in conversation regarding their spiritual condition. After making an effort to determine if the person is sure of going to heaven for the correct reason, they are invited to sit with us in the booth to look in the Word of God at verses related to salvation. After showing them the appropriate verses we try to elicit from them if they understand. If they say they do; and many do, we attempt to determine their desire to "settle it" with God. It's their decision. Many do, and some don't. It is entirely up to them.

If they decide to "settle it" we will attempt to get their name, address, and other pertinent information; again all their choice, we merely ask. If they provide that information to us we give the information to the local Baptist Church for follow-up. We also provide to them other "handout information" which is intended to help them better understand their "position in Christ" and some suggested "next steps" to take in their new walk with the Lord. We recommend our discipleship classes; either by mail (mailbox Bible club) or our new online classes from Pastor David Peterson (Click Here)

Never to old to serve. Marvin Gochenhour (93yrs old) leading a young man to Christ.
2 AGM workers sharing their experiences, a 90+ & the other a 15yr old. God uses anyone of a willing heart (Sarah Gochenhour & Rey Gonzalez Jr)
We just had one young guy AND HER FRIEND FROM THE PHILLIPINES saved!!! It is unbelievable that God allows us to see people saved that are located hundreds of miles away from our booth! The guy showed up to the booth by himself and asked if she could be on a call to also listen to what the word of God had to say. Praise the Lord!
Sharing with people inside & outside the booth.
This young man received the gift of eternal life by his choice to believe on Christ!