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What Pastors Say

What Pastors have said regarding the ministry of AGM.

What Pastors Say

Dear Brother Glen,

     Pastor Nonoy Cabrera reported that six visitors attended their church last Sunday and they were the result of our soul winning booth. He actually fielded his bible college students every night to our booth to help in the soul winning. We thank the Lord for this results. Present statistics 310 souls got save. I was able to get 100 new testament bibles from Gideon. Please pray for the needs of the soul winners.

Dr. Felicidad Felicilida

Talisay Bible Baptist Church

P.O. Box 41, Talisay City Post Office

6045 Talisay City, PHILIPPINES


Dr. Mr. Gardner and the Poormans:

Greetings to you today from Pastor Haley and Riverside Baptist Church here in Hutchinson, KS. I want to again thank the Poorman's for coming to our State Fair back in September and doing the fine job they did.

I want to share with you today a blessing to our church that has occurred because of the work of Amazing Grace Mission. Our church had big hand in helping the Poormans, in fact, we were about the only support they had while here. During one of the days that we were assisting, one of our men gave a young mother of three a tract and was able to see her trust the Lord. I followed up on her, and since then we have won her entire family to Christ to include her parents, her grandparents, her sister and sister’s family, in all, about 30 souls have been saved and half that has been baptized. Her son is now attending our Christian school. More could be said, but just to see what has happened in these lives is amazing and I am very thankful for all that was done.

Rich Haley, Pastor

Riverside Baptist Church

Hutchinson, Kansas


Please allow me to take a moment out of your busy schedule to tell you about a wonderful ministry that I have recently become aware of. I have been on site (fair, & flea market) with AGM, and have seen wonderful results. I have seen many people come to Christ, personally I have “won” many myself. For example, at the Aiken, SC, fair last year I lead seven to the Lord in one night. Quite honestly, I could go on and on about this ministry. Suffice it to say that I have been to camp meetings, revivals, local door to door soul winning programs, conventions and almost everything in between and I am convinced that this may be the best ministry I have ever seen.   I strongly encourage you to prayerfully consider having a representative of AGM visit with you and your church; your community and the King of God will benefit from it. Please feel free to contact me for more personal testimony concerning AGM/FFCI.

Dale Gooding, Pastor

First Baptist Church

Prosperity, SC 29127

It is with great confidence that I recommend the ministry of Amazing Grace Mission.  This is one of the greatest soul winning outreaches today in America among Independent Baptist. The focus is on sharing the gospel with teeming millions of people visiting State and County Fairs, Home Shows, Agricultural shows, etc. Our church has worked with AGM for years, and we have seen hundreds saved every year. Over forty different members of our church spent time at the fair soul winning last year. AGM has an excellent follow-up plan that they can provide that works anywhere God’s people will work it.

Art Kohl, Pastor

Faith Bible Baptist Church

Eden, NY


Brother Gardner believes in the local Independent Fundamental Baptist Church and holds to the King James and does all his soul winning through the use of the King James Bible.  His ministry is worthy of your support and also, he would be blessing to your people if you would let him present his ministry in your area.”

Earle E. Lee, Ph. D., Ed. D., President

Landmark Baptist College,

Haines City, Florida


Caixa Postal 1007

63100-970 Crato, CE, Brazil

October 8, 2004

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Butzer,

Amazing Grace Missionaries

Chatanooga, TN.

Dear Howard and Sandy,

Greetings from Crato, Brazil! All is well here. Brother James Sloan was with us for 2 deaf camps, a week of children’s camp, and the county fair.   During the camps, there were 42 decisions for Christ.  The fair was like nothing I have ever seen, however!

We rented a space 21 feet by 15 feet on one of the main streets and put up a metal and plywood structure covered with a tarp. We needed the tarp to provide shade. It does not rain this time of year. We used two 3 door displays on tripods at the edge of the street in front of our structure. We had about 25 chairs in four circles of our booth. Many times all of the chairs were full, and 4 people were explaining God’s plan of Salvation. We opening at 7:00 a.m. and went as late as 2:00 a.m.. Another year, I would like to go 24 hours a day. We were not as prepared with workers as we could have been, but God supplied some who came to see, stayed to work, and found it difficult to leave as they saw people trusting Christ!

We used some Child Evangelism drawings with the verses in large print. That was helpful because the light was not always good and many of the people could not read well. During the 9 days of the fair, we counseled over 1,000 people, and 550 filled out decision cards and were given the first Source of Light Bible lesson to complete. The cards were sorted out and given to local Baptist churches for follow-up

A lady from Columbia made a decision, a local pastor’s sister trusted Christ. The Sunday after the fair a couple arrived at First Baptist Church and said, “We were saved at the fair.” One of 21 evangelists at the Siao (Zion) church said, “A family of five who were saved at the fair is in church every Sunday.” Our 14yr. old granddaughter, Karen, from Chickamauga, GA was with us during the fair and won many to Christ. 

We are planning for next year already. In February, we will be having a seminar on evangelism at the seminary here. Fair evangelism will be included and will help us prepare workers for next July. The enthusiasm of a successful fair will help us next year. I will be printing the literature necessary. 

Porfilio, a seminary student who is graduating in December, was a big help. He has a heart for soul winning and will consider doing fair evangelism full time after he finishes in the church he is now pasturing. His estimate is three years.

We took the three doors out to a rodeo in Farias Brito, a small town nearby. We put up 1 tripod, and Friday evening, with the help of people from the Baptist church there, 90 were counseled. They were planning to include Saturday and Sunday also but did not do it.. The pastor, who participated on Friday, was reluctant to go on, and I could not go back there. So be it. All do not have a vision, and the people do perish! Praise God for Porfilio. Pray for him!

Our thanks to you and Amazing Grace Mission for a vision of what can be done. Our greetings to you all. Hello to Lloyd.

Yours in Christ,

John E. Peterson, Ph.D.

Missionary to Brazil


Dear Pastor,

I am writing this letter to heartily recommend the Amazing Grace Mission Ministry.

We at Calvary Baptist support this ministry monthly. I am very interested in helping get the gospel to people, which is why I am so thankful for Amazing Grace Mission. They reported over 28,000 professions of faith last year in their worldwide ministry.

James Gardner is a member of our church. He is a personal blessing to me; and a man in whom I have the utmost confidence.

I encourage you to pray about supporting this good man and his ministry.

In Christ,

Steve Roberson, Pastor

Calvary Baptist Church

Chattanooga, TN.



To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Brother Jim Gardner of the Amazing Grace Mission ministry for 15 years. This is a ministry where volunteers set up a booth at county and state fairs. Presently, Bro. Gardner has fairs in 45 of the 50 states. Each year, over 20,000 souls are saved as a result of the fairs.

However, it is necessary to pay for booth space at these fairs. Unless churches in the area help to pay for booth space and encourage their members to volunteer their help at the fairs, it places a great burden and pressure on Bro. Gardner.

Bro. Gardner grew up on a farm in Michigan and went to Michigan State University. He also pastored a church for many years.  Bro. Gardner is a man of great integrity and above reproach in his ministry. He has a heart for souls and goes without a salary many times in order that the needs of different fairs will be met. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a call at 1-900-808-2154.

Many folks from churches in the Indianapolis area work at the county fair or the state fair each year where five or six hundred souls are saved.

The support you give Bro. Gardner at these fairs will be used for the Glory of God. Each person who receives Christ as personal Saviour fills out a card with their testimony. Bro. Gardner returns these cards to the local churches in the area when the fair is over.

Pastor, we encourage you to do your part in helping souls to Christ by giving financially to Amazing Grace Missions Ministry and encouraging your church members to work in a booth at a fair in your area.


Dr. Charlie T. Kittrell, Pastor

Crossroads Baptist Church

Indianapolis, Indiana

April 23, 2003

RE: Amazing Grace Mission

Dear Pastor,

This is a letter of recommendation for the ministry of Amazing Grace Mission. I know of no other mission that is winning as many people to the Lord as Brother Gardner and the workers of Amazing Grace. Each year they have thousands that trust the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour. Brother Gardner is a strong church man and sends the names and addresses to the nearest Baptist Church that is solid in the Word of God.

I know he will be a blessing to you and your church if you will allow him to present the work to your church.

If I could answer any questions concerning our involvement with Brother Gardner, please don’t hesitate to call me.

Yours Because of Him,

Pastor Arlo Elam

Victory Baptist Church

Osprey, FL.


September 4th, 2003

Dear Pastor: 

I would like to take a minute of your time to introduce to you Jim and Charlotte Steed of the Amazing Grace Ministries. They travel to state and county fairs across this country presenting the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They work with local Independent Baptist Churches of the area, getting them involved in soul-winning.

The Amazing Grace Ministries have been trying to get into the West Virginia State Fair for years. This year it became a reality. Two churches of our area worked with Brother Steed, Graystone Baptist and Calvary Baptist. Three hundred twenty-nine (329) souls made decisions for Christ. 

Several of our people participated in this soul-winning ministry. Even after the fair left town, these people are still excited about soul-winning. We usually have 6 to 8 out on Thursday night for soul-winning visitation. Now we are seeing 20 to 25 each Thursday, not counting those who go out through the week. 

If you want to get your folks excited about soul-winning, I recommend the Amazing Grace ministries. Jim Steed is a great soul-winner and a great teacher for those who desire to be. 

In Christ, 

Youel Altizer, Pastor

Graystone Baptist Church

P.O. Box 373

Lewisburg, WV 24901

(304) 645-4220


Dear Pastor:

I would highly recommend missionaries Jim and Charlotte Steed to you for consideration in working with your church. Brother Jim and Charlotte have a compassion for lost souls; it is very evident as witnessed while helping them in the Fair ministries. Our church was stirred up, seeing hundreds come to know Christ right here in Lewisburg at the West Virginia State Fair. I would recommend these fine people and this ministry to strengthen your church in soul winning. It is truly an effective and scriptural way to get your church actively involved in leading people to the Lord Jesus Christ. It has been motivating to many of our people and God truly blessed this endeavor. 

In Christ,

Mark Brandon (Assistant Pastor)

Graystone Baptist Church

P.O. Box 373

Lewisburg, WV 24901

(304) 645-4220 


I want to share the testimony of a young man saved at the White County Fair in 1978 who will graduate from Tennessee Temple University this month. Here is what he wrote:

In late summer of 1978, two friends and I went to a fair in White County, Indiana. I’ve been to many fairs, and regularly attended this annual event, but this fair changed my life. Actually, it wasn’t the fair, but a certain man at a certain booth with a special message. My two friends and I were under one of the main tents browsing around at all the side shows and trappings that a fair contains. Eventually we came unto a strange booth that said something like, “If you died today, do you know that you would go to heaven?” My two friends kind of joked and when the man behind the booth, Reverend Gardner, asked them if they would go to heaven if they died, they both said yes and looked jokingly at me. I was a drinker, smoker, and all that goes with it, and being 16 years old makes it even worse. So they were wondering how I would react. The man posed the question to me, and I told him that I would go to hell. I knew it, God knew it, and now Reverend Gardner knew it. Reverend Gardner took me to an open space behind the booth and explained to me Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection, and how this work could be appropriated to me. I repented and accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour. Today I am 22 and graduating from college at Tennessee Temple University. I plan to be active in the ministry upon graduation and will be taking some Seminary work. Anyone can be saved and be used of God, even a 16 year-old boy who never heard of Christ’s love and forgiveness.

Because of Christ,


April 22nd 1984

Let’s thank God for what He did in that life! If you take bread to a starving, dying man, he may praise you, but let’s give glory to the Bread of Life, Jesus.  I was only the messenger. Jesus is the Saviour of sinners.