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The below displayed items are available to assist your soul winning efforts.

Smile - Jesus Loves You booklet tract (Click on Photo)
Smile Jesus Loves You! Business Card Style Tract (Click on Photo)
Spanish Smile Booklet Tract
Spanish Bus Card Style Tract
Large Print NT Bible Soul Winners Large Print NT Bible (Click on Photo)
Jesus Christ is the only answer Jesus Christ is the Only Answer (Click on Photo)
AGM Market Place Jacket (Click on Photo)
AGM - Jesus is the only Answer - Click on the Photo)
Jesus Christ is the Only Answer
Book - A Firm Foundation - by Dr. David Peterson, First Baptist Church Land O Lakes, FL A Firm Foundation Book (Click the Photo) by Dr. David Peterson of First Baptist Church Land O Lakes, FL
KJV Study Bible from the Sword of the Lord publications. KJV Study Bible - features a unique color-coding system that allows readers to quickly and easily identify twelve major themes of Scripture throughout the biblical text: God, discipleship, love, faith, sin, evil, salvation, family, outreach, commandments, history, and prophecy.
What About Repentance - from Sword of Lord publications editor Dr. Shelton Smith who explains the often confused word REPENTANCE in a booklet for as little as $1.95 each.
Soul Winners' Club Trainee Kit - The Soul Winners’ Club Trainee Kit contains everything the soul winner needs to be equipped to win souls to Christ. -
Preparing for battle against the errors of Calvinism - by Dr. Chris Shepler Forewarned & Forearmed - Preparing for Battle Against the Errors of Calvinism by Dr. Chris Shepler