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Fair Testimonies

Words from the heart of those who have chosen to receive the gift of eternal life provided by Jesus.

Fair Testimonies

Praise the Lord for the eyes which are opened to the grace of God through His Son Jesus Christ. When someone makes a profession of faith at a fair, they are asked to complete a "decision card" (completely voluntary) which has their name, address, age, etc., which is given to local Baptist churches for follow-up. The new believers are asked to write in their own words on the back of the card an explanation of "what just happened?" Below are listed a sample of testimonies received over the years at fairs and festivals around the country. These testimonies will touch your heart, enjoy them. Praise the Lord for what He has done in these peoples lives.


Paula, 27, Norman, Ok - "I asked Jesus into my heart. I feel alive, and it’s my first day of eternal life. Praise Jesus!

Mona, 18, Tampa, FL - "Jesus has cleared me of my sins and opened my heart. Jesus has made me feel like a new person as if he lifted a ton of bricks off my shoulders.”

Chris, 20, Tampa, FL - "I’ve been trying to find the “meaning of Life.” In the last few weeks I’ve desperately been trying to learn about God. It worked - I’m Saved!!”

John, 83, Tampa, FL - “I made the right choice. I took Jesus Christ as my Lord & Savior.”

Ed, 41, Greeley, CO - “I was re-born and have accepted Jesus as my savior. I will be in heaven with Jesus for he does not lie. He is my salvation.”

Pilar, 37, Miami, FL - ”I asked God to come to me and save me, and he did…And I received eternal life, a gift only God can give. Thanks to God!”

Tony, 17, Deland, FL - “I’ve been wanting to do what I did for a while, but I didn’t know how. I was saved and feel reborn!”

Tia, 20, Springfield, MA - “I accepted Jesus in my life and asked for forgiveness, admitting that I’m a sinner and needed to be set free. Now I know I am saved and a child of God.”

Carl, 48, Hampton, NY - “I let the Lord into my heart.”

Alex, 13, Harland, KY - “Jesus has come into my heart and redeemed me righteous.”

John, 16, Lutz, FL, - ”I got saved. WOW! I’m going to heaven!”

Kacie, 15, Bryant, AR, - ”He came into my life and showed me the way to his love and eternal life forever. He has opened a very special door for me.”

Donna, 55, Chicopee, MA - “I’m going to heaven because I believe in him and his word.”

Taylor, Taylorville, IL - ”Feel like a new man. I felt like I have a second life”

Nichole, 13, Durham, NC - ”I just listened to someone tell me about how to be born again. And he asked me a good question - If I were to die tonight would I be 50%, 75%, or 100% sure I was going to heaven. I was 75% sure, but by the end of the discussion I was 100%”

Jeff, 17, Morton, IL - ”When I asked Jesus to come in my heart and while I was discussing him, I felt a surge of some kind of energy that lingered in my body. I’m not sure what it is, but it was a unique experience.”

Roger, 21, Summerville, SC - ”I received a lesson from a messenger who took the time to reassure me that if I truly believe with all my hear and soul, I could enter heaven 100% accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior. I chose to accept!”

Brian, 23, Ladson, SC - ”I asked Jesus to forgive me, and let him into my heart.” ( This young man went home and told his family. His aunt came by the booth later in the week and told us the family was “elated” at the news and what had happened in the AGM booth. She had already bought him a Bible, and he was going to begin going to church with her the next Sunday.)

Justin, 14, Charleston, SC - ”I prayed to God to go to heaven based on what the Bible tells me, and you have to pray sincerely, not fooling around.”

Tara, 21, unknown city, - “Well, before I took this step of faith to be born again, I had a lot of hate toward some people and I didn’t think I would be able to forgive for the pain they put me through.  But as I took this step I feel like I can forgive and forget them for what happened.”

Antonio, 27, unknown city, - "I felt lifted by saying a prayer to the Lord.  I became over-whelmed and started to cry, not because I was sad, but be-cause I felt He was in my heart and He was listening to me.  I was born again today.”

Barbara, 55, unknown city, - ”Barbara walked up and asked her son (30+ yrs) what was going on.  We told her, her son was already saved and would like for her to just to see what the Bible says about it.  She listened, then asked the Lord to save her, while her son sat next to her.”

Rebecca, 18, Ladson, SC - ”I know 100% that I am going to heaven because I have accepted Jesus into my heart. Once that happens, He never leaves.”

Preston, 13, Oklahoma City, OK, - ”I feel great! He showed me the light. Now I know I am going to heaven. Jesus took all my sins in the past, present, and future in his blood.”

Jarrell, 14, Vernal, UT - ”Jesus just saved me and I am happy and full of joy!!”

Ward, 17 - Tampa, FL - ”I was met by a complete stranger at the Florida State Fair. His name was Joe Norton. He talked to me about heaven and helped me understand the importance of being saved. Shortly after I was saved and a new way of life was started for me!”

Virginia, 55, Indianapolis, IN,-“I came to know Jesus Christ. I have decided to make him my personal savior.”

Terry, 29, Oklahoma City, OK, - “At 9:04 pm, I asked Jesus to forgive me for all my sins and I feel a weight has been taken off of me.”

Katie, 26, Rochester, NY “My heart has been opened a new beginning has started.”

Stacie, 25, Tallahassee, FL, - “Mike and I were walking through the exhibits and a man came from one of the exhibits and asked if we wanted to learn more about Jesus, I was shocked to hear Mike say yes, because I did. We sat down and confessed our sins to Jesus - I’m kind of scared, but I very happy we did this.”

Melbourne, 21, Clearwater, FL - Received the Lord tonight. It’s like loosing hundreds of pounds of weights off my back.”

Scott, 13 - Galesburg, IL - ”I am happy because I sold my body to Jesus.”

Victoria, 15, Tampa, FL - “Now I know that my father is preparing a place for me in heaven so now I would hot worry if something goes wrong because I will be going to a better place.”

(unsure of girl's name) 17, Green Cove Spring, FL, - "I’ve always believed Jesus died for me, but I always thought you had to be sinless to be saved and I was always skeptical about being saved because I know I had sinned. I thank God for forgiving me of my sins and saving me.”

Tiffany, 21, Tulsa, OK - “We, my husband and I, just accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts and we did this together in the presence of God.”

Maria, 25, Indiana ST Fair - “I’m saved! I feel like a new person, thank you Janet for help me understand. I’m not lost any more!”

Walter, 38, Beaumont, TX“ - I, Walter ….. just experienced a true miracle in that I felt in my heart that I’ve been saved through Jesus Christ. I’ve experienced a true relationship with the Saviour. I’m forever more thankful now that I came and spoke aloud my acceptance of Jesus Christ.”

Stacy, 20, Tampa, FL - "When I prayed to the Lord to forgive me for all my sins, I became clear of all my worst troubles. I felt happy and at peace within myself and the Lord." (Stacy was brought to the booth by her boyfriend who go saved at the fair several days ago).

Cyndi, 15, Auburn, NY - "Jesus has just saved me. He forgave all my sins. And from now on I will apologize for any other sin I may make. I am also a part of His family now."

Gina, 18, Louisville, KY - "After some time of battle within my heart finally was able to fully open my heart to Jesus and let him in for good. I now believe and know without a doubt I am saved."

William, 19, Skiatook, OK - "Jesus saved me, and I feel more secure to know that Jesus is in my heart, and with Jesus in my heart that I may through His will conquer obstacles."

Hollis, 29, Jacksonville, FL - "I feel better since I learned about Jesus. I was brought of as a Jehovah Witness, but now I know I have been saved."

Terry, 34, Moose, OK - "I had a warm feeling inside. It seemed that everything is going to start to change for the better in my life. It feels good to pray to have Christ in my life. If it wasn’t for the worker of Christ, I would have passed by this booth without even thinking of Christ. I was just thinking of having a good time at the fair. It’s good to think people are helpful in putting people like me on the right path. Thank God."