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What the Missionaries Say

See what past and present Missionaries have said about their experience working in the Market Place.

From the Missionaries

NOTE: Some of these have graduated to Heaven where the rewards are "out of this world."

What Missionaries Say

There is no other venue that we have seen that reaches as many for the Lord. There is no greater thing that we can do with our life. There is no greater joy than watching the Holy Spirit work in the lives of others and a miracle being performed right before our eyes. Many live their whole life and never see the salvation of the Lord occurring in another’s life. What an awesome privilege it is to be able to lead someone to the Lord using the Word of God. Knowing that it is none of us, but all of God.

We are so humbled to be a part of this ministry. The opportunity to work with so many that love the Lord and have a burden for the lost. So many Godly people that give up their homes and leave their families to join together to go to State and local county fairs and festivals to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Are they suffering for the Lord? No, they are doing exactly what the Lord would have us all do. The Lord’s word says in I Cor 9:16 "For though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel!"

We have professionals from all walks of life, including many former pastors, as a part of this ministry. Most of all we have laymen who have ....."determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ and Him crucified." (I Cor 2:2) The Lord is not looking for faithfulness to retirement, but faithfulness till death.

Do people get saved at the fair? Yes they do and we are so thankful. Remember John 6:37..... "and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out."

John & Donna Gingras

In my experience, AGM is the most exciting and effective soul-reaching ministry in America. I am honored to be a part of the AGM Team. It is so delightful to see how God answers prayer in blessing the efforts of the home office and field staff. Many are being saved through the Fair Ministry.

Jerry & Peggy Pirkle


I love working with AGM more than anything I have ever done. Working with Amazing Grace Mission is like fishing. Once you catch your first fish you are hooked. You can't wait till it's time to go again. I praise the Lord for all that He has done. Nothing I do, but He is working through me and each one of us. (Phil 1:6)

James Edwards


 We’ve been with Amazing Grace Mission since 1993. We thank the Lord for the privilege of serving Him at the fairs with AGM. There are over 6.4 billion people in the world and over half of them have never heard of Jesus. Well, immediately we think those people who’ve never heard must live way out in the jungle in a hut somewhere. But---- as we go fair to fair we deal every day with teens and adults who have no clue about Jesus--- why He came, why He died or even that He arose from the dead. It’s really so sad. So, what a joy it is for us to sit down and open the scriptures and share the glorious Gospel at the fairs. Not every one gets saved but that’s not up to us-God does the saving-- it’s just our job to GO and TELL them. We had a girl just this past summer come rushing up to us at the Essex Jct, VT fair. She said, “Do you remember me?” Well, as her story unfolded we did indeed remember her. She went on to remind us how she had repeatedly come back to the booth to question us and she left again and again so angry that we were so sure of the scriptures and the fact that we could show her how to be 100% sure of going to Heaven some day. Well, she came this day to happily report that because of further searching she had gotten saved in Oct, was attending a good Bible believing church, and is now actively engaged in witnessing to everyone the Lord brings her way.

What a blessing it is to be used in His work while there is still time. We thank the Lord we can work with AGM and have a part in bringing a lost world to HIM. Prov 11:30

Norm & Anita Ericson


Before coming on with Amazing Grace as a missionary, I had been used of the Lord as a soul winner for many years, but, had not observed anything that comes close to what this ministry accomplishes. I count it a privilege to work along side of some of the greatest soul winners that are. All are moved by the Lord to do this work.

You may be saying to yourself, "I’d like to be doing something like that but, I’m too old, have a hard time getting around, etc." If that is the case, you need to finish reading this article.

In the early nineties I had the privilege of working a fair with an AGM missionary and instantly realized this was what I needed to be doing in my retirement years, starting right then. From then on I was compelled to serve in this most exciting and fruitful soul winning ministry.

During my first four months working with Norman Ericson, we prayed with over two thousand people that made a profession of faith in Christ. Each summer I worked with Norman for about four more years in the New England area, and we saw much the same results.

I did not have any finances to meet the expenses that are involved in being on the road, so I had to use my charge card during those early years. It always took me until the next spring to pay off the card and then I would start all over again.

As Church’s and individuals saw my commitment and what the Lord was doing, God started to supply support to take care of our expenses. I was retired and disabled at fifty eight and at this writing I am sixty nine years old.

I still struggle with severe health problems, but it is well worth the effort. My wife and I have been full time for several years and do not see retirement on the horizon. God has taken care of our support and that sets us free to focus on soul winning, teaching others to do the same, and at the same time raise support for the fair expenses for AGM.

This has not always been an easy road, because I was, and still am, disabled. I have been in constant pain all these many years (except when working in the booth leading folks to the Lord.) I can’t walk very far and can’t stand too long, because of a bad back, hips, and knees. I have two knee replacements which does help some.

Because of this I have had a few years that I needed to ride in and out of the fair grounds on a scooter. But every minute of any of these inconveniences or difficult moments has been well worth it to see precious souls saved.

There is no greater work that I know of that accomplishes so much with so few workers, and such a limited amount of finances. For much more see our books"Market Place Evangelism" or "I'm Just a Layman" or "Keeping Divine Appointments." (Click on one of the books listed to see more).

I encourage you to prayerfully consider joining us in this incredible work. If you can’t, why not make the best investment possible by helping AGM with the finances to pay for fair expenses? Thousands are saved at the fairs every year and you can have a part in this. (Click Here) to see how you can help.

Saved to serve ,

Roger & Judy Olson

In the past few years, Dr. Gardner preached in our church twice. Carol and Don both felt drawn to the work of AGM as he spoke of souls being reached for Christ at the fairs, and other events. In 2003, while returning from a trip to visit our kids in Florida, we visited the AGM tent at the fair in Tallahassee, Florida. We wanted to see the ministry in action that Dr. Gardner spoke about. While we were there we helped a short while with the folks who were stopping at the tent, since there was only one AGM missionary on duty. We talked to people about the Lord, and then took them back to the table in the tent, and the AGM missionary explained the Gospel and lead them to trust in the Lord. That was exciting!


We were struck with the way the people were so open to the Gospel. They were coming to us, as we stood in the tent opening, and were not resentful about being approached by someone, because it was they who were approaching us. They would listen to us talk to them about their need of the Savior, and so many would then trust Christ as their Savior! That seemed to confirm what we had been thinking, and soon we both agreed that we would be AGM missionaries when we retired. 

In January 2005, we attended the AGM Conference in Seffner, Florida, and felt privileged being able to rub shoulders with God’s servants, the AGM missionaries, and were absolutely blessed hearing the great messages! We met with the AGM Board, and were accepted as AGM missionaries, along with 19 other new missionaries.

Don & Carol Keller

Ministering with Amazing Grace Mission has been the greatest experience of my life!! (Other than witnessing my three children become saved, and seeing their commitment to serving the Lord) No other work I have ever done can compare to the joy, the blessings, and the fulfillment I have experienced in the last three years working with AGM/FFCI. It is really hard to describe as I have been involved in many exciting things in my life, but this one is the only one to bring an indescribable contentment and purpose to my life. To see so many peoples lives changed is not something that can be witnessed and not change your own life. To think God has allowed me to "preach" the "unsearchable riches of Christ"(Eph 3:7-9) to people, and then to witness what HE does with my meager effort. Just to have a glimpse of God’s awesome grace and mercy at work in people’s lives is something that no other work in my life can compare with. Praise the Lord and thanks be unto Him for allowing me to be a part of a mighty work!

Glen Moore

We started working started working fairs and festivals in 1979 and did so on a part-time basis until 2000. In that year Brother James Gardner came by our church and worked the county fair. When we saw how the 3 Door Unit could be used to get people seated for a thorough witness, the Lord opened our eyes to the work and how we could go full time and have been blessed of God ever since. It has been such a joy to be so miraculously used of God with the Lost and at hundreds of churches across the country.

Steve and Pat Andres

Becky and I Joined AGM at the Conference in Seffner in 2004. It was so exciting, listening to the testimonies of the missionaries and hearing about people being saved at fairs, of all places. But the highways and hedges is exactly where God has told us to go. We have been involved in soul winning all the churches we have been members of while we traveled with my job, but traveling because we know we are going to win souls is so much more gratifying. We are praying that the Lord will continue to use us. What a joy to used of the Lord and see someone on the way to Heaven. We praise God for giving Brother Gardner this burden and sharing it with all of us.

Andy and Becky Wolters

Don: Being part of AGM is a great blessing to be able to tell folks across America the Good News of the Gospel - unknown to most folks. Salvation is a free gift to received - cannot be achieved. If it wasn’t free, then no one could be saved. I need to tell it as long as I live.

Barbara: It has opened up a whole new world for me. As a Roman Catholic I knew nothing of free Salvation or Eternal Security. Now it’s exciting to pass the Word along through AGM and lead precious souls to Christ.

Don and Barbara Nutter

I have always had a burden for lost souls at the fairs. I know it is the perfect Will of God for us to be working the fairs with AGM. It is great to be part of Amazing Grace Mission.

Derl and Martha Brown

We saw the ad in the Sword of the Lord and wrote for the information on Amazing Grace Mission. We knew this was what the Lord would have us do. We enjoy it so much. We did 18 fairs last year and saw over 2200 people come to know the Lord. It's so exciting to see the Lord working! We praise God for the opportunity to work with AGM and see God work in lives at the fair.

Don and Marie LaCount

It has been a tremendous blessing to be part of AGM and knowing Dr. Gardner. He is a loving servant of the Lord and a man who loves and prays for us. We are thankful for God's plan of salvation and the opportunity to share with others.

Bernie and Peg Whitney

From a woman’s perspective

My husband and I have been on the road with Amazing Grace Mission for a several years now. It has only been a couple of years that we have lived in our motor home full time. It has certainly been an adventure. One of the questions we often hear is: “Do you like living in a motor home?” We both can say unequivocally…YES. However, at first I was hesitant, knowing it would mean leaving family and friends, giving up our furniture and other prized possessions. “Ummmm,” I thought, “my husband is ready to go, I had better pray about this.” The Lord brought to mind that Jesus gave up His home to come down here to save the lost. Also, He reminded me that the apostles and disciples traveled far and wide on foot and by donkey while often sleeping on the ground. I realized I was being stubborn and selfish. I knew then the Lord wanted me ministering along beside my husband, in the motor home, full time.

It has been wonderful working together; we are closer than ever before. Living in a motor home, with our comfortable bed, and all the amenities of life has been fun. And with the modern technology of cell phones, we can be in touch anywhere.

The Lord has blessed us with an extended family of Brothers and Sisters in the Lord. Furthermore, traveling for the Lord with AGM has enabled us to meet new people, make new friends and most important of all, given us opportunities to share Jesus with the lost.

Amazing Grace Mission has been gracious to allow us to be part of the team. We are so blessed to be able to serve our Saviour and Lord with them. We thank the Lord for giving Brother Gardner the vision of fair evangelism and for his faithfulness and obedience to God’s leading.

Hebrews 10:24“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:”

Judy Olson