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Basch - Gregory and Marsha

I was redeemed by the blood of Jesus when I received the Word in 1979. My desire was to have a knowledge of God and a working relationship with Him. After God saved me, I grew in the scriptures. My knowledge of him and his goodness from the Bible (KJB) strengthened, settled and stablished me. I then had a burden for others. How could I keep the gospel to myself? The gospel being the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus my Lord. 1Cor.15:1-3. My justification is in his resurrection. Believing that, my sins are washed away. Romans Ch. 4:25

In 1990 I met Bro. Don and Barb Nutter. They introduced me to a fair ministry called Amazing Grace Mission. With their help I began winning more souls to God. I was working full time for AT&T and in the evenings would meet them at the County fairs where they were near Norwalk, Ohio. I originally was from the Cleveland, Ohio area but was transferred to the Toledo area where they were witnessing. I was already destined to be a missionary in Southeast, Alaska. My wife and I began a mission church in Mosquito Lake, Alaska in 1997. We had four acres and built a church house out of the trees and people from the area. It was a great experience. After eight years my wife’s health caused us to come back to Ohio. But while in Haines, Alaska I set up and managed an Amazing Grace Mission booth for three years, Many were saved and we witnessed to people from all over the globe. People came on cruise ships to see Alaska and we gave them heaven.

After being back in Ohio and a little discouraged from having to leave my mission in Alaska I finally got my direction back with AGM. I began to see the need in the Cleveland and surrounding areas for AGM. So I went to work managing county fairs here where nobody was doing it. Churches were busy within their own programs, but not going to the market place at the fairs. So many of these people at the fairs will not go to a Baptist Bible believing church to hear the word of God. Religion does not save. Jesus came to save sinners and we must go to them. They are at the fairs. So there we will go.

Just last year I managed three fairs where there was none working and helped in one.

In all, in 2009 we lead 136 people to the Lord and helped countless others with literature.

All those that got saved were directed to a Baptist local church in their area. Twelve thousand smile tracts and thousands of sound tracts were distributed. We enjoyed the harvest and ask that you help us pursue this Mission by praying for workers, finances and open doors in more fairs and that none close on us. Pray that the hearts of the lost will respond to the gospel through Jesus that we preach. Thank You so much.

My number is 330-289-8667 or email