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Pastor's Discovery Class#10

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

■   1 Corinthians 15:1, 3-4

■   The Bible tells us that Jesus died, was buried and resurrected from the dead

■    Romans 10:9

■    If we believe that God has raised Jesus from the dead, we shall be saved

■    1 Corinthians 15:12-19

■     The Sadducees denied the resurrection

Six Things That Would Not Be True If Christ Did Not Rise From The Dead

■  Our preaching is vain (v. 14)

■   Our faith is vain (v. 14)

■   We are found false witnesses (liars) (v. 15)

■   We are yet in our sins (v. 17)

■    Those that have put their trust in Christ and have died are in hell (v. 18)

■    We are of all men most miserable (pitied) (v. 19)

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

■   John 14:1-3 - Jesus said He would come again

■   If we do not believe He is coming again, we call Him a liar, we attack His person and character

■   Acts 1:8-11 - The angels said He would come again

■   2 Thessalonians 1:6-10 - The Apostle Paul said He would come again

■    Just about every book in the New Testament tells us that Jesus is coming again!

The Bible Is The Inspired Word of God

■  2 Timothy 3:16

■  ALL scripture is given by the inspiration of God

■  The Bible does not CONTAIN the Word of God, IT IS The Word of God

■  Psalms 12:6 - The words of the Lord are pure words, the number 7 is the number of perfection

■  Psalms 12:7 - God will keep His Word and preserve it forever

More Thoughts On The Word of God

■  Deuteronomy 6, Proverbs and Revelation that we should not add to or subtract from the Word of God

■   If you think that there may be errors in the Word of God, who decided which parts are true?

■   Remember not to become the judge of the Word of God rather we are to judge ourselves by the Word of God

Salvation By Grace Through Faith Alone

■  Galatians 5:1-2, 4

■  The Galatians were adding circumcision for salvation

■  If we add anything to what Jesus did for us, we will not get to Heaven. What Christ did was SUFFICIENT!