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Schwartz - Linda

From: Redford MI


Phone: 586-918-9130

Sending Church: Grace Baptist Church, Livonia, MI

Joined AGM in: 2012

Mission verse: Proverbs 11:30

Family life: None

My personal testimony is:  I accepted the Lord when I was 21. A friend had invited me to church. There was a period of time I drifted away from the Lord. With guidance of the Holy Spirit, I became committed and grounded. I believe that by serving in my church I became grounded. I love teaching and driving the church bus.

My Testimony of my involvement with AGM:   I came to know about AGM trough Jim & Gina Olson. They invited me to work wit them at a fair in Bellville, Mi. Through sharing the gospel, talking about the Lord , I believe there is no greater blessing than leading someone to the Lord. It did not take long for me to be hooked on the mission. My desire is to serve.