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Triplett - Roger & Carol

Name: Roger and Carol Triplett

From: Seffner, FL


Mission Verse: Mark 1:17 "And Jesus said unto them, come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men."

Family:4 sons, 8 grandchildren

Personal testimony: I was saved when I was 27 years old. called into the ministry in 1974. A total of 34 years in full time pastorate - 26 yrs at Bible Baptist Church in Seffner, FL

How you came to AGM: James Gardner became a close friend in 1986, and always wanted me to be with AGM full-time, but God has not given me the "green light" yet; but has allowed me to support AGM in every other way. (Pastor Triplett serves on the Board of Directors of AGM)