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Understanding the Difference Between the Two Resurrections

Understanding the Difference Between the Two Resurrections - Great Doctrines of the Bible - Lesson 9

Understanding the Difference Between the Two Resurrections

Understanding Great Doctrines of the Bible

Lesson Nine

The Difference Between the Two Resurrections

I. The Bible speaks of a Resurrection

A. The Old Testament

  •  Daniel 12:2

B. The New Testament

  •  Acts 24:15

C. Jesus Christ spoke of a resurrection.

  •  John 5:28-29

1. _______________________________ will be raised from the dead.

2. There are of resurrections.

a. The resurrection ____________________ _______________________ (v. 29b)

b. The resurrection ___________________________________________ (v. 29c)

3. Everyone does not ___________________________________________.

a. A destiny to “ ________________________________________________” (v. 29b)

b. A destiny to “ ________________________________________________ ” (v. 29c)

II. The First Resurrection

  •  Revelation 20:6

A. The first resurrection involves ______________________________  .

  •  Acts 24:15 resurrection …of the just

B. The first resurrection takes place in____________________________________________ .

1. The resurrection ____________________________________________________________ 

2. The resurrection of ___________________________________________________________ 

3. The resurrection of “_________________________________________________ ” at the Rapture

4.The resurrection of  __________________________________________________

  • Revelation 20:4

5.The resurrection of the __________________________________________________

  • Ezekiel 37:11-14, Isaiah 26:19, John 11:23-24

III. The Second Resurrection

A. The Second Resurrection is ____________________________________________________.

  • John 5:29, Daniel 12:2, Acts 24:15

B. The second resurrection takes place at ___________________________________________ .

  •  Revelation 20:11-13

C. Those involved in the second resurrection will be ___________________________________ .

  •  Revelation 20:14-15

 IV. The First and Second Resurrection are Divided by the Millennial Kingdom.

A. The first resurrection occurs  _________________________________  the millennial reign of Christ.

  •  Revelation 20:6

B. The second resurrection occurs  _______________________________  the millennium.

  •  Revelation 20:5

 V. Each Resurrection is a Physical Resurrection

A. The First Resurrection

1. Saints in the _______________________________________________________ 

  •  Job 19:25-26

2. Saints in the _______________________________________________________ 

a. The saints  

  •  Matthew 27:52-53

b. Believers  

  •  I Corinthians 15:51-55

B. The Second Resurrection

  •  Revelation 20:13-14


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