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USA Amazing Grace Mission

Amazing Grace Mission USA - working in every state in the Union.

Amazing Grace Mission began more than 40 years ago in one state and quickly grew, adding state after state until all 50 states were represented. It began slowly with one man and his wife (Dr. James Gardner). Since that time AGM has seen one million people receive Christ as Saviour and millions of tracts distributed; while tens of millions have received a witness in the market places of the USA, and now expanded into many countries of the world.

Most fairs and festivals have cost associated with our participation in the event which include a booth space fee, and insurance. Booth space fees can range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for state fairs or other big events. Below is a calendar of events you can pray God will bring a harvest, and the expenses will be covered by the donations of His saints. We really do need much prayer for the events. There is a lot going on to "pull off" these events, and the spiritual warfare is real! So, please pray for AGM. and all the workers laboring in the fields.

NOTE: If you will scroll forward through the summer months, you will see we have fairs going on somewhere everyday, and some days there are multiple events happening on the same day. So, there is plenty to pray about. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Florida State Fair - Harvest Time