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The Difference between Being Born and Being Adopted into the Family of God.

Part 2 - Lesson 8 -- The Difference between Being Born and Being Adopted into God’s Family

Lesson 8 - The Difference between Being Born and Being Adopted into God’s Family

Understanding Great Doctrines of the Bible

Lesson Eight

The Difference between Being Born and Being Adopted into God’s Family

I. Born into God's Family

  • John 3:1-7

A. It is a _________________________________________________________________ .

1. An ____________________________________________________________ to enter heaven (v. 3)

2.  ___________________________________________ from the physical birth (v. 4-5)

3. Created from ___________________________________________________.

  • I Peter 1:23

B. It is achieved __________________________________________________.

  •  John 1:12

C. It is a __________________________________________________________.

  •  John 1:13

1. It is __________________________________________________________ .

Which were born

a. Not by _______________________________________________ not of blood,

b. Not the ________________________________________________ nor of the will of the flesh.

c. Not from _______________________________________________ nor of the will of man.

## It is a birth from God.

but of God

2. It is _________________________________________________________

  • Titus 3:5

3. It is accomplished _____________________________________________________________

  • 1 Peter 1:23

II. Adopted into God's Family

  • Galatians 4:1-4

A. The explanation of adoption

There are two kinds of adoption.

1.___________________-To take a person from another family and make him legally one's own son or daughter.

2.___________________- The biblical word means, "placing as a son."

B. The composition of our adoption

There are two aspects of our adoption.

1.Our _________________________ adoption

## Spiritual adoption speaks of three great truths.

a. ________________________________________due to being__________________________ by God

  • John 15:16
  • Ephesians 1:4

b.____________________________________because of his Spirit

  • Romans 8:15-16

c. Position_______________________________

  • Romans 8:17

2.Our _____________________________________ adoption

## Our adoption will be _____________________________________________________________.

  • Romans 8:22-23

## Remember: Adoption - The process that began with God's choice from the foundation of the world and will culminate with our glorification - when we receive our glorified bodies.

  •  Philippians 3:20-21
  •  I John 3:2

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